Hierarchy (Roleplay info only. OOC admin won't be listed. So there will only be one Co-Leader rank here.)

Leaders - Annahel Fraius and Sylvana Nightwind (@sleepypanda57)
Co Leader - 
Officers - 
Enforcers - 
Alliance - None
Enemy - None
Headquarters - Koeglin Inn (Main public location)
Alignment - Neutral
Guild Job Descriptions
Enforcer - 
Performer - 
Trader - 
Officer - 
Blackcoat- These are the people in The Silver Eagles that handle less than legal things. Smuggling, thieving, espionage, occassional assasination, things of that nature. They do the less glamerous side of running an adventuring organization.
Guild RP Specific Rules
1) Do not steal from other guild members. (Fine: 25 gold)
2) Do not harm other guild members. (Fine: 150 gold)
3) Do not steal from orphans. (Fine: 75 gold)
Fines that are handed out in-character are expected to be mailed to either the leader or her second in command with in-game currency with a note saying what it is for. They won't ever be large, do not worry. The money will then be put into the guild bank to go towards helping the guild or guild members with things.
Fines will not exceed 200 gold at the most. We don't want it to be a lot, but just something to add to the immersion in the game's roleplay.
Guild Biography
(Under co.)

The Silver Eagles was formed one day when Annahel was talking to a friend about her love of adventuring and her desires to see all of Tamriel. They are a traveling caravan filled with traders, crafters, bards and other performers, smugglers, and guards to protect the caravan as well as work as enforcers within the guild or at performances.


Current IC Focus

- Under co.