Rank Info
Alex - This is the guild leader, Alex. Be nice. Alex works hard for the community. She is a sweetie.
Co Leader - Alex's second in command. Their word is final, unless it goes against something Alex says. Max of three in the guild. One for RP things, one for PvE, and one for PvP.
Sentinel - Senior officers. They are in charge of events, enforcing rules, and other officer like duties. They are also the third in command of the guild. The only limit on these is the amount of events the guild has. However, we will most likely not make more than seven people Sentinels.
Lieutenant - Junior officers. They are just as important at Sentinels, however, they are not officially put in charge of guild events. Until the Sentinel spots are filled, this rank is a stepping stone of sorts until the Lieutenant is put, officially, in charge of an event by the guild's admin. After the Sentinel spots have been filled, officers that do not wish to take on control of events will be make Lieutenants.
Soldier - This is the same as members, but they have shown their dedication to the community and are able to withdrawl items from the guild bank.
Member - These members are the lifeblood of the guild. They make up the majority, and are just as important as every person that is admin. Without the Soldiers, UniGATE would be nothing. (This applies to "Members" and "Soldiers")

There are open admin spots at: 13, 24, 35, etc. (This means in the ESO branch, not the community overall, which has a larger number since it includes more than just ESO).

Promotion Information

Co Leader - Must have registered on the site and discord, and also must meet all requirements of Sentinel while going well above and beyond those requirements.
Sentinel - Needs to be an active and helpful member of the guild. This includes being online and social, and also must be willing to be a moderator on the forums. They may also be put in charge of specific events by the Co Leaders or Alex. They must also meet all Lieutenant requirements as well.
Lieutenant - Needs to be active and help in the community as well have registered on the site. Active in game and has made a good impression on current community's Admin. You must also have met all Trusted Member requirements.
Soldier - This is earned by being in the guild for over a week, and showing during that time that you are willing to help the guild grow. You must also be a member on our Discord to keep in contact with the community!


Alex (GM) @sleepypanda57 (Annahel, Sylvana, Lietne)