1) Art Contests - Fairly straight forward. I'd like to host contests every so often with in-game rewards for our members. Anyone would be able to join and vote, but they won't be permitted to vote for their own work.

2) Writing Contests - Same general idea as the art contest. Writing something, people vote, winner gets rewards. Eventually want to have seperate sections for poetry and stories.
**The art and writing contests are open to all community members, not just specific to the game. Meaning that someone in another branch could win.**
3) Lottery/Raffle - This is pretty simple. Having a raffle within the community. Several winners most likely, with half the total money raised being used to help fund the community. Bank, gearing members, etc.
4) World Boss Train - Under Co.
5) Guild Dungeons - We would like to be able to run dungeons as a guild. 
6) Guild Veteran Dungeons - These are dungeons, but harder versions of them basically. We made it a seperate event because of this.
7) Guild Trials - Raid nights!!!
8) Dolmen Train - Night of super fun anchor farming across Tamriel!
9) Roleplay Nights - A night of guild roleplay that will mostly be used to further the IC storyline of the guild, as a meet and greet, or just a general adventure roleplay event.
10) Discord Karaoke - We want to set up a guild karaoke event. Not a contest, but something for people to just have fun with. You can sing whatever you want, as long as it doesn't violate any of the guild's rules about sexism, racism, etc.
11) Guild PvP Tournament - Guild tournament, base rounds on a best 3 out of 5 type model. This would all be 1v1 matches and done in duels for fun.
12) Alliance War Night - Night of us running around together in the alliance war in the "7 Day Standard" campaign. We are primarily a Daggerfall Covenant guild (This is what we started as before megaservers were a thing on ESO).
13) Battlegrounds - Guild doing the battlegrounds PvP mode together. These are more structured team based PvP matches. Morrowind is required to do these, however.
14) Storyline Night - A night of guild roleplay that will mostly be used to further the IC storyline of the guild. This may not be weekly, however. It depends what is going on ICly for us at that point in time (Campaigns take time to write, after all!)
15) Elder Scrolls and Dragons! (ESnD) - This is going to be DnD, but inside ESO! It will be in-character, and will have an adventure for that night planned. We will have it trade off between people leading as well so everyone can get a chance to create and organize something!
16) Casual Roleplay Nights - A more relaxed RP event open to the guild as well as other members of ESO while being hosted by us (Koeglin Inn). This is mostly used to served as a meet and greet ICly as well as a way to network with other RPers not just in our community, but the ESO RP community as a whole.
17) Hide and Seek! - Guild hide and seek event in one of the major cities. This is done outside of party and by giving hints.
18) Fishing events - The more people that are fishing in a spot, the better rewards everyone will get from fishing. This will probably be a small event, but it's something that can be fun. Probably done at the same time as the discord karaoke event.